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The Clubhouse is where the day-to-day action is

We have over 3,000 members to hang with and talk about your Vigor. And you'll see that we're a friendly group.

Post a question and you'll get an answer —usually within hours—by people who know and love Vigs. We average around thirty to forty posts in a typical day, so there's a lot of activity here.

If there's a maintenance or mechanical problem, a modification you've been considering, an audio dilemma you're into, or anything related to Vigors, there's someone here who has the answer. And we also value what you have to say.

The Clubhouse is hosted by Yahoo! Groups...

... and completely focused on the one car we all love so much—the Acura Vigor.

So come on in and join the fun!

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Patrons of the Acura Vigor Club

If you have a specific question about your Vigor, check our FAQ's pages first for an immediate answer to the most frequently asked questions.

You'll find lots of Q&A's about body and engine modification, regular maintenance, common problems...

Please, please check here before posting your questions at the Clubhouse.

If you still don't find what you're looking for, you can search the entire website. Enter a few keywords to search our site, or read our search tips to make advanced queries. Hint: it works just like Altavista



Vigor Club Cards

An Acura Vigor Club card for inviting other Vigor owners to join the club. Vigor Club Business CardPrint them and hand them outor place them very carefully on the windshields of parked Vigors. Let's tell all Vigor owners about our club!

Formatted for Avery® Business Cards (8571, 8371, 5371) or other 2" X 3˝", 10-to-a-sheet card stock. But if you don't like 'em, save the template and make your own!



Links to suppliers of Vigor parts (genuine Honda/ Acura and aftermarket, new and used), accessories, detailing supplies, and members' sites.

You'll also find links to Vigor Technical Service Bulletins, original factory owner's manuals and shop manuals, and many other sites of interest to the Vigor enthusiast or new buyer.



Timely Topics Articles

This section began as a monthly series of articles of  interest to all Vigor owners. Over time, it evolved into an on-line set of technical procedures which compliment the Acura Service Manual.

They're no longer being written each month, because most of the common procedures are already here. Plus, Bob01721 (the author of most of them) got lazy. So now, whenever a club member takes the initiative and writes a new article, Bob will edit and post it here. Check out the most recent article and browse the archives!


The passworded Download Area is reserved for club members. Presently, we have a collection of Technical Service Bulletins, a factory Service Manual, and a schematic package available.

Members can get the password in the Files section at the Clubhouse.

We're a diverse group with strong opinions—not all of them the same.

The Club has a lot of things going on all the time. Read about some of our activities and the benefits we provide our members. And meet some of our members, too. We're an enthusiastic, fun-loving, and Vigorous group.

We have members from countries all over the world... from Australia to Zimbabwe, including the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bangladesh, Honduras, England, Ireland, and Venezuela. Hmmm. I wonder if there are any Vigors in Antarctica?

So far, we've had three major Club Meets—one in Toronto, one in Washington, DC, and the most recent one in Seattle. Come on in and meet some of the members who were there.



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