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Plug & Play JDM Headlight Conversion



This month's article comes to us from Docsteen.

A variation on John Cavelti's (Vigor856) JDM Headlight Conversion, Timely Topic May 2004—a full "plug & play" JDM headlight conversion, but necessarily without the JDM fender-mounted side markers.

The object is a full "plug & play" JDM headlight conversion for the USDM Acura Vigor. More specifically, for originality and collector purposes, I wanted to be able completely to reverse the JDM conversion back to USDM without leaving any scars. (Why? I dunno exactly, except that originality does matter. Also, even the idea of cutting an original harness exceeds my personal limits.)

Disassembly and reassembly is exactly the same as in Cavelti. To assure the conversion is completely reversible requires buying a grill assembly because, as Cavelti describes, a USDM grill must be substantially modified to mount between the JDM lights. (A JDM "Honda" grill - with an "H" emblem instead of an "A" - fits without modification, however.)

The basic idea is to make 3 pairs of adapters from readily available parts, a pair for high beams, a pair for low beams, and a pair for the fog lights. Each adapter gets a male connector on one end (which plugs into the USDM harness) and, on the other end, a correct female connector (that plugs into the JDM bulb sockets).

When finished, they look like this:



To make the 3 pairs of "USDM-to-JDM" adapters requires the following parts:

On the JDM side:

Nothing: All of the original JDM connectors on the back of the JDM housings are used.

On the USDM side:

Two (2) sets of commercially available "Headlight connector sets (9006 HB4 and 9005 HB3)". These take care of the high beam and low beam adapters. The ones in the photos are from AJB Engineering (eBay seller burkez) for $9.50 each set, plus $3.75 for S&H. (There are others around, although the AJB wires have some quality features that set them somewhat apart.)

9005 and 9006 Connectors

The fog light adapters require a pair of USDM fog light wires, Acura part no. 33903-SL5-A02, for $11.00 each (more, perhaps $18.00, if you're not a familiar face). Each connector and its wire come mounted to a round, grey, plastic cover that seats into the back of a USDM fog light, which gets cut off and discarded. The correct part is item 14 in the next diagram.

Illustration of Lights

Making the adapters is completely straightforward: Just make what is shown in the pictures above. Do make absolutely certain, however, that you carefully match the 9006 and 9005 connectors to the correct JDM connectors. The 9005 and 9006's are deceptively similar, so be 100% sure actually to fit them onto the USDM harness and then match them one-for-one to the correct JDM connectors before you solder and insulate.




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