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A Monthly Article for Vigor Enthusiasts (5/04)


JDM Headlight Conversion

The feedback has continued to lean toward the techie stuff, but one member suggested a different direction. And, he even volunteered to write the article and provide the pics! And since He Who Keeps These Pages is by nature a lazy slob, the offer of a written article was too much to resist. So this month we're going to take a break from the techie stuff and tip our hats to those who like to customize their Vigs. And we all know that, after clear corners, JDM headlights are the most asked about topic.



John Cavelti


This month's article was suggested and written by John Cavelti, also known as Vigor856. John has been a member since December 2003, though he had checked out the site for some time.

He owns a '92 GS A/T (Persian Red Pearl) with 191,000Km. (Is that 191Mm?) Hmmm. Either way, it's around 120,000 miles for we ignorant Americans who can't spell in metric. John is the second owner, but he's had it since 1992!

Here we go...


  10 mm and 12 mm Sockets
  Philips screwdriver
  Soldering gun
  Shrink Wrap Tubing
  Wire strippers
  Heat gun (for shrink wrap)
  Touch-up paint (if you cut openings for the fender mounted side marker)
  Dremel Rotary Tool (with fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheel)

Step 1

Remove the grill, by removing the two 10 mm bolts at the top and the two #2 Phillips screws at the lower corners. See illustration below.

Grill Removal

Remove Grill

Step 2

Remove the side markers, by removing the Philips screw at the top and pulling out of fender. Disconnect the parking light and side marker from the lenses.

Side Marker Light Removal

Side Marker




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