Petpad's Pet of the Year 2005


Two (count 'em) TWO Vigs in his stable!!!



Fifth Annual Petpad Pet of the Year



Speech given by Petpad2 on Mon Dec 6, 2004 at the Acura Vigor and Legend Club

Well kids, this is just about this time of the year. AVLC is still strong, alive as ever, dedicated to the Vigor and other worthy rides, much-to-do about the members, and still, spam-free. I have been a member of several clubs and groups over the years and they have ALL been riddled with spam. Expcept for this one. Truly special.

One big tradition here has been the "Pet of the Month" or POM, and "Pet of the Year". It was purely coincidental and highly comical when I started this knock-off of Guccione's Pet of the Month fame, only because of my chosen internet moniker. The Pet of the Year came about as the natural evolution of the Pet of the Month award. It started as an idea/suggestion for TEX to change the club pic on a monthly basis, and highlight nice Vigors. More than a prize for the car itself, the POM and POY quickly became about members, the folks which make the fabric of this unusual, eclectic and intensely tight-knit group. Rarely will anyone find on the INTERNET a place where you can call home, and meet friends which will become life-long friend, even though you may never meet them in person. Some well-intentioned newbies have many times attempted to convert us to the more modern forum models, but it was determined that it would destroy the fabric of our antiquated one-at-a-time post and our endless thread of posts! They soon realized this and either adapted or left. Most stay…

The POY is one of those folks that transcends all things Vigor and what we stand for here… It is time to say thanks to our 2004 POY Deez for a great year, and to acclaim his successor.

I will now give the stage to none other than Ack… famousname…first ever POY… who crafted a fitting announcement and tribute for our 2005 POY.


"...It is said that the average person will buy and sell a house an average of 3-4 times in their lifetime. However, there are some who buy their first house, move in, and STAY. While they reside in this house, they set about to make it a HOME. They start out by actively working hard to maintain the home. Then, after reaching a comfortable stage, they then begin to make IMPROVEMENTS. They add on. They expand. When that work reach a plateau, then they reach out, and help their neighbors. When their neighbors have been aided and aid has returned, the homeowner then starts giving back to the COMMUNITY. Sharing and steadfastly giving of what he has learned through experience and interaction with his FAMILY, his COMMUNITY.

Along time ago, a guy moved into this neighborhood, into this house. He's never left. He made this house a HOME. He's worked hard, maintained, and IMPROVED. Added on. Elevated and expanded the collective knowledge base. And never left. He's helped his fellows. His fellows have helped him. Through that exchange he's learned the intricacies of his house, his home. And this home is called V I G O R. He's given back to his COMMUNITY. His FAMILY. US. Through sheer consistency, knowledge and intangible CLUB SPIRIT, he has been come a god of this jungle. Proudly, let us receive MATT, GOTJ, Dual Vigor Owner, Club Mainstay and Contributor, as our new 2005 POY..."


From Boston Bob (Club CEO):


"...Superb choice - LONG time contributor (joined 10/01), co-organizer of West coast meets (and mini-meets), EXTREMELY helpful guy to have around (just did some work with Buck). Has a "parts store" (ha!) for Vigs. Started the Quotes club. Not sure, but I think he also started at least one or more of the offshoot clus (Pics? Members? Deals?).

One of the most active of all the long-time guys. Knows his stuff, too. I look forward to his Friday Funnies! He's also helped with TT articles -- sent me pics of the Vig's intake manifold. There are more things to say about MATT but my head just cant handle all of it...!"


CW was going to send me his testimonial but was so overcome by emotions that he forgot to save the tribute before his PC went crazy on him and lost all 2500 words of praise, but he did indeed weep all night long...

MATT is also founder of the SEATTLE VGSTERS Group, co-founder of the Acuravigor members Group, founder or co-founder of the quotes club,
creator of the MATT's PSALM, should I keep going? I lost track of all his Vigor-related achievements. MATT is one of the most prolific, active, consistent, dedicated, long-time Vigor member around. This is by far the easiest POY selection in years, a shoe-in, a grand fromage, a KING in waiting, welcome, to you GOD OF OUR JUNGLE – OUR 2005 PETPAD'S PET OF THE YEAR – MATT a.k.a. GOD OF THE JUNGLE.



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