Petpad's Pet of the Year 2004


2004 POY



Fourth Annual Petpad Pet of the Year


Once again, our 2004 POY is a true and true veteran. He was particularly involved and knee-deep into the difficult (LOL) Groups-to-Club transition, and contributed to daily, if not by-the-minute, posts to appease everyone's fears. As this Yahoo site regularly purges our old posts, I collected a few examples of those early 2002 posts.

A key player in organizing the third Club meet in Seattle, he never fails to jump in on the board to address any topic, any question, and even totally weird posts. I pasted a few precious historical examples below. He's a testasment to Club longevity, integrity, humility and everything else we stand for. A winner of the prestigious Pet of the Month Award in February 2002, our winner feels at as much at ease at the wheel of his Vigor as he does at the wheel of his Suburban... If you haven't guessed yet, or 2004 AVLC Petpad Pet of the Year (POY) is no other than Chad , otherwise known as
DIESELRULZ!! Well done buddy!!

Here are the few posts I saved from extinction (note the time change between posts 21080 and 21081, the official Group transition happened there, so Chad did post the last post, 21080, in the old "Club" format.

From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post : 21075
Date: Thu Feb 7, 2002 8:58 pm
Subject: This could be fun!
I can't wait until all of these posts show up! I guess I'm making the assumption that no one else can see any of the posts either! Then we're all in the dark! Ok, I promise - this is my last post until they start showing up. (unless it is a long long time! then i'll be going through withdrawl!)


(like a blind man in an orgy, I'll have to feel my way around!)

From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post : 21080
Date: Thu Feb 7, 2002 9:03 pm
Subject: Photo Album!
I know - I'm a liar. But I created a photo album! I wonder if the old ones are coming back? I wonder if mine will remain? I wonder if me creating an album will boot someone elses pics when the move the old pics back in? So many questions! So few answers!

Ok - off to lunch.

diesel - FIRST Pet of the Month in the Group!!!! (can you sense the excitement and panic?)


From: petpad2 <http://profiles.yahoo.com/petpad2>
Post : 21081
Date: Thu Feb 7, 2002 7:56 pm
Subject: That's it - we're into groups...
Well folks that's it - let's hear it too! My first comment was .. "why do we get to see the "breaks"? Also, I am quite impressed with the breakdown of numbers fo posts per month!! Wow look at the club posting history in one single snap Look at January 2002! Over 2000 posts that month! I will take some using to though... TEX, perhaps you want to experiment with colours and settings! See ya!

Pet "Groups" Pad

From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post : 21082
Date: Thu Feb 7, 2002 7:56 pm
Subject: Last Club post
I could very well be the last to post from the club. I cannot get back there. (snif, snif) It's like watching the titanic go down. Oh well, in a few days, all of the posts that aren't showing up now, will show up and I'll look like a midget wearing a bikini... (southpark anyone?)


(btw - you see how many posts in January??? CRAZY SHIZNIT!)
From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post : 21105
Date: Fri Feb 8, 2002 1:19 am
Subject: Club --> earthquake = group
Well, I suppose like any major earthquake, we'll have to do some adjusting and rebuilding. It's like our cohesiveness went all to hell during this transition. I can finally see many of the messages posted during the selective blackout that only affected some of us! DOH! I can see being able to switch back and forth between organizing posts by thread and by date being very handy. stats are cool.



From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post : 21108
Date: Fri Feb 8, 2002 2:07 am
Subject: Post time - Chat night
It seems that posts now appear in my local time (PST) rather than always appearing in EST. I was pretty used to converting, but I think it will be easier this way. Although every time I look at it, the first thing I think is, "wow, no one has posted in 3 hours?" lol

Chat night happened to fall on the traumatic group/club changeover that has left many of us shaken and unsure. I wasn't even able to get in at 7:00 EST. Chat night will officially be rescheduled! I will put it on our fancy calendar. (is anyone else excited about having a club calendar?) I already listed the ECSM there, and the VBCMM that's coming up. (stef - i'm about 70% right now - things are aloof in my schedule right now - moving, cleaning, rent, club to group change-over DOH!)


From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post : 21150
Date: Fri Feb 8, 2002 7:13 pm
Subject: Acura Vigor and Legend *Club*
We are still our club! Sealover loved the sea so much he jumped ship! The post board is like a whole new place lacking so much of the cohesiveness and Vigor spirit! Where is everyone? For the 7,352 time - the group features some good and some bad. As Ack and XP discussed - the ads are a must have. If one day we find another site that will host us ad free, we can switch, but right now Yahoo has us by the, uhh, motor mounts! Is it possible, some people are still struggling to see the posts? I'm wondering where my "Club" went! not where the club features have gone... Let's hear some more clear corner jokes! Hyundai digs! Mac raves! Microsoft rants! (although i like microsoft - DUCK! back into the trench!)


POM during turbulent times... our POY will return, I assure everyone. lol

From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post: 21274
Date: Sun Feb 10, 2002 10:00 am
Subject: Acura Vigor and Legend club Re: POM pictures safe....
> ciao
> pet


ciao is my favorite non-written, written saying! I love you Pet! (and i've been drinking... but it's ok.) the guy I bought my Audi from in Cuyahoga (anyone from there can correct my spelling) County always signed his e-mails "ciao." It took me 3-4 e-mails to finally ask someone what that word was!! (yeah, ok. I may just be a little slow on the uptake... LOL) If it didn't mean this much to me, I wouldn't post. Or maybe I would. I guess neither of us will ever know...



...and finally....

From: dieselrulz <http://profiles.yahoo.com/dieselrulz>
Post: 26313
Date: Mon Jun 3, 2002 3:30 pm
Subject: 26262

-Rob "momma gonna take your Kodachrome away" Sealover


paul simon.

btw - you got post number 26262, which coincidently is "two" 6.2, 6.2
(liter displacement of the '82-'93 NA GM diesel) Ok, i'm strange.

diesel =D


Yes you are! Congratulations



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