Petpad's Pet of the Year 2003




Third Annual Petpad Pet of the Year


Well, first off, lets forget all about the whole "car" aspect. Lets start with character. They really just don't make 'em like this kid anymore. The kid is so wholesome, so clean cut, that if we didn't get to know him after all these years, one would tend to say, "is this guy for real?" It's like he stepped out of a Normal Rockwell painting. Some non-fiction "something" about the kid that is "pure", at least as much as you can realistically find. Yet in a way that is still in touch with the world, not naive.

Then, there is his unwavering sense of loyalty. If he's unsure, then he's unsure. But when he IS sure, to question CW is to put your OWN convictions to the scathing test. Be it cars, wax, boats, friends, etc., CW sets a high standard and returns that benchmark level of quality 120%. Stay true to CW, and CW will stay true to you. Now, specifically, in regards to the Acura Vigor, you can find NO more thorougha solider for the Vigor then CW. At it's zenith, CW's sheer zest for all things Vigor is almost feverish. Damn near scary actually, but always just this side of just unfiltered, wholesome, unabashed, unbridled admiration for mass produced craftsmanship at it's best. CW has displayed time after time, day after day, year after year, post after post, a wealth of Vigor knowledge, goodwill to his fellow club member, and unparalleled enthusiasm when it comes to club participation. CW is a staunch sentinel. A vanguard. A true POY.

—AckVig, First Annual Petpad Pet of the Year


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