Petpad's Pet of the Year 2002


If you've paid attention at all to the posts in this club, you'll see it's obvious who the 2002 Petpad Pet of the Year winner is. This year's award, the second, goes to...


Rob and Vivien


Second Annual Petpad Pet of the Year


What follows is an interview with Rob Sealover (Bobsealover), the Acura Vigor Club's 2002 Petpad Pet of the Year, conducted by roving field correspondent Bill Schidder.

BS: First of all, it's a pleasure finally to meet you. I've enjoyed your posts for months.

RS: Thank you. I post them mainly to entertain myself, and to help out a fellow Vigster when I can.

BS: Tell us about your Vigor

RS: Her name is Vivien.

BS: Then tell us about Vivien.

RS: She's a beautiful Buckingham Blue Pearl 1992 Acura Vigor GS with almost 173,000 miles. She's all original except for a few necessary mods. I replaced four blown speakers with aftermarket ones, and I also installed a CD changer with much help from the club.

BS: How and when did you get it?

RS: Get which? The car, the stereo, or the help from the club?

BS: The car. How and when did you get it?

RS: Her. Her name is Vivien.

BS: How and when did you get VIVIEN?

RS: That's quite a long story.

BS: I'm paid by the hour. Go on.

RS: It all started in 1996. My Father had long ago switched to the import camp, having owned several Hondas, a Mercedes, an Audi, and a pair of Super Beetles among other things. I was still ensconsed in the Land of Domestics. I claimed they were cheaper to fix, and made by Americans, and this somehow made them better cars. I was driving a restored 1970 Chevrolet pickup at the time (which I had restored myself, you know) and was almost upset when Father told me I was coming to the local Acura dealer to help him pick up his new car. I got to drive home in his "new" 40,000 mile 92 Vigor. I enjoyed the power it had, and the neat "Cathedral" setting on the DSP Stereo. Father had this car for years. He had always said he would give it to me when it hit 200,000.

Rob's Favorite Saying

"Give me a fast ship, for I intend to go into harm's way."

—John Paul Jones

Dad commuted over 100 miles a day. Sometime around March of 2001 he called me to say that he had found a new car for his now much-shorter commute, and that the Vigor was mine as soon as my classes were over in May. I was thrilled. I sold my mildly customized and much-loved '87 Buick Park Avenue (Evelyn) to the blonde next door. I had picked up a $200 LeSabre Limited somewhere, and would run that until the day my Vigor arrived.

I was an internet addict since my first semester at college, and began searching for information about the Vigor online. Father was leary of the car because it had a ticking noise at cold startup. His fears led me to research this noise at the Yahoo Acura Vigor and Legend Club. I joined the club and was told the noise was probably valve noise, and my Vigor had another 150,000 left on it. I couldn't do anything, of course, because the Vigor was at my Father's house in South Carolina, and I was in York Pennsylvania.

I was invited to the East Coast Vigor Meet in April of that year. I showed up at the meet in my giant "Domestic Dinosaur" the '85 LeSabre, which by then I had assigned the name of "LeSabre Type R," to try to fit in with my new import crowd friends. This was extremely ironic, of course, because it was an 18 foot long LeSabre Limited with a blue vinyl roof, and a mangled front end held together with a bungee cord. The first Vigor I saw as I pulled into Motorworks that day was Force/Vigor. And the Legendary Ackvig was standing next to it. It was something special to put a face and a smile and a handshake to the screen name
and text that i've talked with so much. This happened many times throughout the day. I knew this club was special.


The Vigorously Vivacious Vivien

Not long after, I made the trip down to South Carolina (in a rented Buick, of all things) to pick up my Vigor. She was turned over to me with 158,000 on the odometer. I washed it, waxed it, and took her to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. This was the first time i've cruised the strip at Myrtle Beach in something other than a Buick. What fun! A sunroof! A real stereo! By the time I got home it had 160,000 on it. I love driving... I love... I...

BS: You're rambling.

RS: Sorry. Next question.

BS: Do you have a job?

RS: Not a regular one. I'm a fulltime student. I have some part time jobs, now and then. I even had three at once at one time. I enjoy retail. And working with cars. How about you? Do you have a regular job?

BS: This interview isn't about me. What are you studying?

RS: I attend Millersville University, majoring in Technology Education. I am going to be a high school teacher. A pedagogue, if you will.

BS: That's sick!

Rob's Accomplishments

Rob has garnered quite a few "honors" for his contributions since he joined the club. A few of the things for which he has received recognition:
  • 12,000th post
  • 12,345th post
  • 14,000th post
  • 16,000th post
  • August 2001 Petpad Pet of the Month
  • Wrote first (and only) Club Haiku
  • First club member to admit being a Pedagogue
  • First to admit being a Thespian, too
  • 2002 Petpad Pet of the Year

RS: No! I said Ped-a-gogue. It means teacher.

BS: Oh. I thought that meant you like little girls.

RS: We'll get to that later. I don't suppose I should also mention that I'm a thespian... no, never mind.

BS: A what?

RS: No, never mindit was nothing, really. Let's move on. You were about to ask...?

BS: You have two picture albums all but filled. Why is that?

RS: I like taking pictures. I often have my digital camera with me in the car, and I take delight in sharing the oddities I find with my friends online.

BS: How did you come up with the name Vivien? Do you name all your cars?

RS: A good friend of mine is a big fan of the classic movie Gone With The Wind, and she was helping me come up with names. I suggested Vivien, after Vivien Leigh, the actress who played Scarlett O'Hara in that movie. My friend was thrilled. We both knew that was the name. Scarlett is a strong character, yet elegant and refined. Much like a Vigor. Vivien and Vigor both start with the letter V, and I think that adds to the effect, too. You know, kinda the Gestalt thing, or something?

Rob's Parts Supply

Rob has quite a collection of Vigor parts, which he offers on ebay from time to time. His current inventory includes a black center console, DSP radio and speakers, cruise and foglight switches, a front grille, an automatic transmission gear indicator, Zebrano wood trim for the rear doors, weatherstripping, those black rubber roof strips, a set of mudflaps, door handles...

Inventory changes daily! Good stuff cheap!

Interested? Contact Rob TODAY! He needs the money!


To answer your other question, yes, I've named most of my previous cars. I've had: Shania Cheyenne, the '70 Chevy truck; The Beast, which was a much-abused 1985 Escort; Buckregal, the 1980 Regal Coupe; Evelyn, the Park Avenue; Marie, an '84 Bonneville; Guinevere, which I think was a name far too beautiful for the horrid Tempo it was assigned to; Betty, the previously mentioned LeSabre Type R; Meredith, the '75 Volvo I picked up as a winter/beater car, and I'm sure there've been others that I can't remember right now.

BS: That's quite a collection. So you don't drive your Vigor... Vivien... in the winter?

RS: That was originally the plan. Vivien is so nice and shiny, I'd hate to get her all mucked up in the rough winters we sometimes have here in Central PA. But the Volvo died in October and has been a lawn ornament ever since. I actually have the car sold, and hope to have it delivered by the time this is published.

BS: Do you have any hobbies?

Vivien and Rob

Vivien (L) and Rob (R)

RS: I spend a lot of my free time on the Internet talking to friends and relatives around the country. I sell things on ebay, and I enjoy spending time with my five year old brother. I'm also an active leader of my church youth group. Sometimes I have telepathic conversations with the People in the Center of the Earth. All in all, I stay pretty busy. How about you?

BS: This interview isn't about me.Can you tell us anything about your future plans?

RS: How could I tell you about my future plans if they're in the future? I haven't planned them yet. But, if you mean my present plans for the future... well, I'm scheduled to graduate in May, and hope to have a teaching job lined up for September. I plan to stay locally at first, but after I get some savings stored up, I'd like to spread my wings and move West. I'm certain that cars will remain a big part of my life, as they have been since I was a little boy. I hope to get my dealer's license, and make some money on the side buying and selling cars. Just as a hobby, and a way of getting some extra cash
not making a career out of it. How about you?

BS: Those are all the questions I have. Thank you for your time, Mr. Sealover

RS: You are very welcome. I'm proud to be a part of such a great club. Nothing makes me happier than to read in a post that I brightened someones day by saying something funny. Thank you!


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