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This is a partial list of links to Vigor-related websites, organized into categories (at right). We keep a list of additional links at the Clubhouse. (Click here.) Looking for an oil filter? Gaskets? A place to buy top quality waxes? If any club member would like to add a link (or report a broken link) please click here.

NOTE: The "Suppliers" listed here are more than just a collection of links—they're referrals. We don't "trade" links with any other websites! Our members have actually bought products from all the "Suppliers" listed here, and they've been happy with their dealings with these companies. We only include links recommended by our members.

Parts Suppliers (New)

A favorite source for genuine Honda/Acura parts is Delray Acura. They also have the neato illustrations of major assemblies and outstanding prices. Fast shipping, too!

Acura Carland stocks genuine Honda/Acura parts, too. They have discounted prices and they also have illustrations of the major assemblies.

You'll get fast shipping and discounted prices on genuine Honda/Acura parts from the Sunnyside Acura Automotive Parts Store. They have those great illustrations of the major assemblies, too. A great place to shop for genuine parts.

Tibracer recommends OEM Acura Car Parts and says they're less expensive than some of the other sites mentioned here. (NOTE: It pays to shop the net. Some places may be more expensive for electrical items, but less expensive for filters. Check around.)  Tibracer also says they have "great service and fast, cheap shipping."

Another parts source is statRacing.com, recommended by a Vigor enthusiast named Alex. He's ordered from them repeatedly and, "...each time got my parts with no hassles..."

A favorite source for aftermarket Acura parts is the Acura Part Store. They carry "some" custom and  "performance" parts, too—like Eibach lowering kits, a screw-in K&N oil filter, custom emblems, etc. Check them out!

For wheels and tires, check out The Tire Rack. They have a REAL nice feature—you can call up a picture of a Vig in your car's color and see what their different wheels will look like!

Global4AutoParts.com is a supplier we can NOT recommend. Vineyardgray, one of our longtime members, had a real bad time with them—read about it here.

AcuraOfEscondido.com is another supplier we can NOT recommend. Shawn, Philee, and Jason0262001 have had bad experiences with them. The thread starts here. If you follow the thread, you'll see that there's some disagreement about AcuraOfPeoria. Shawn likes them, but Philee had a rough go with them. Hmmm. Stay tuned.

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Parts Suppliers (Used)

H.A.P. Recycling usually has used Vigor body and engine parts. Check their "New Arrivals" to see what's in stock at the moment. They also have pics of the parts cars.

Another parts recycler is H-Auto Dismantling. They specialize in Honda parts and they're part of a computerized network of parts locators. If they don't have it, they can find it for you. The 800 number on their website seems to be for in-state use, but they can be reached at 714-554-7657.

Another network of used parts is Car-part.com. Just type in the year, make/model, and the part you're looking for. They'll list all the dealers in their network who have that part, sorted by price. They're not Honda or Acura specialists, but club members report getting good service from them.

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Accessory Suppliers

A & H Motorsport, Inc. has a broad range of genuine Honda/Acura and aftermarket accessories.

If you want a set of genuine original factory floormats, you'll want to go to HondaFloormats.com. Their prices are good, too!

Looking for a spoiler? Check out Erebuni Aerodynamics' website.

Installing an Alpine CD changer? Make sure you have the right adapter. BlitzSafe's Application Guide can save you from some major headaches.

For the truly hard-to-find accessories, you'll have to try KaleCoAuto. Whether you're looking for blinker fluid, Johnson Rods, muffler bearings, left-handed metric screwdrivers. or even flux capacitors (remember Back to the Future?), KaleCoAuto has it!

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Detailing Suppliers

Want a "show car" finish for your Vigor? Looking for something to get that stain out of your carpet? Can't get your wheels clean enough? Classic Motoring Accessories, Ltd. carries a full line of detailing accessories. Good "Tips" section, too.

Another good place for detailing supplies is Autogeek. They also have a "Tips" section, to help you deal with water spots, problem interiors, etc.

Meguiar's is one of the top names in auto detailing. Their site has a "Paint Care Prescription" section that will recommend a custom detailing program based on your car, how good you want it to look, and the amount of time and money you want to spend.

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Members' Sites

House of Vigors is Tominizer's site, dedicated to Vigs. Check out his sound system and other mods.

Nuthin' But a "V" Thang is Akiya's Japanese site for the Honda Vigor. (Never heard of a Honda Vigor? That's because you've never come across this club before.) He had graciously allowed us to host it on our server, but later asked that we take it down.There were some very interesting differences between Honda and Acura Vigors. Akiya also showed, step-by-step with photos and illustrations, how to make most of the mods listed. Perhaps one day he'll let us host it again.

RonaldBrownJr formed an associated Yahoo club just for Vigor repairs,  Ack Repair. The first pics to be posted  were of his automatic transmission teardown! Stop over and see what else he's added.

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Yahoo! "Sister" Groups

In addition to the Yahoo! Clubhouse, the Acura Vigor Club has other associated Yahoo! Groups. The Acura Vigor and Legend Pic Club was formed when we ran out of space for pics. You'll find many more pics of members' rides there.

The Acura Vigor and Legends Members' Club is a place where members go to discuss NVR (Non-Vigor-Related) topics. Discussions range from other cars to politics. NOTE: It's an "adult" club in that topics and language are not policed.

Some of the Clubhouse posts are so memorable that we started the Acura Vigor and Legend Members' Quotes Club as a place to memorialize them.

The Acura Vigor and Legend Deals Club is a place for members to list Vigor parts for sale. The club's Database section has a growing list of Honda/Acura part numbers for common parts, too.

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About to Buy a Vigor?

Visit MSN Autos for a review of the Vigor. You'll find information on current pricing, reliability, specifications, and a whole lot more. Plus, they have unbiased, independent consumer reviews.

Once you've decided that the Vigor is the car for you, you'll want to find one for sale in your area. Go to Autotrader.com and type in your zip code to find one near you. They list dealers and private sellers in your area.

Carfax can tell you quite a bit about a vehicle's history. Was it involved in a major accident, totaled, rebuilt, and then put up for sale? Did it ever sustain flood damage? Was there ever any major fire damage? Has the odometer been rolled back? A Vigor probably wasn't ever used as a Police car, but you can find out that, too. Just get the VIN and click here to go to Carfax.

Kelley Blue Book is the "Bible" of used car prices, both retail (from a dealer) and from private parties. You'll also find automotive articles with advice about buying new and used cars, important information about recalls, crash tests, and safety ratings. You can also get quotes for financing and insurance from the site.

Two other good sites for price comparisons are Edmunds and NADA Guides. Both sites offer quotes for financing and insurance. Click here to go to Edmunds's Acura page. Click here to go to NADA Guides' Automobiles page.

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Technical Service Bulletins

Check the list of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website. TSBs have all kinds of good info on problem fixes, troubleshooting and testing procedures, recalls, improved parts...

We also maintain our own library of TSBs—for members only. We don't have every TSB ever published, but we do have a lot. Members can find them in the Download Area, accessed from the Home Page.

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Go to Helm, Inc. for original owner's manuals with leatherette cases, and factory shop manuals, electrical troubleshooting manuals, and body manuals. There is no Clymer's or Haynes manual for the Vigor. Don't waste your time and money on the Chilton manual. Get the real thing. (Available in PDF form for club members.)

Vigor Owner's Manuals can be downloaded from Tech.info.honda's website. Here are the Owner's Manuals for Honda/Acura vehicles from 1992, 1993, and 1994.

Snap-on tools are (arguably) the world's finest. They're expensive, but they'll last your lifetime.

A great on-line store for automotive tools is etoolcart.com. They have very good prices on high-quality tools, equipment, and supplies. Fast shipping and great service.  NOTE: They have the special crankshaft pulley tool you'll need to change your Vigor's timing belt! Club members will get 5% off their already discounted prices. Read "Discount Code" in the Clubhouse Files to see how.

For all you weekend mechanics here are some good on-line technical magazines:  Underhood Service and Brake & Front End  are two magazines that let you search back issues by keyword. For a sample, try Brake & Front End magazine's article called Understanding How Honda and Acura ABS Units Operate. It provides a great explanation of the Vigor's ABS operation.

Motor Magazine is one of the oldest techie magazines out there. You can also get to most of their back issues, but there's no keyword search.

Larry Carley writes many of the articles for Underhood Service and Brake & Front End  magazines. He also posts the Carley Library of Automotive Repair Articles. You'll find many good repair articles there—written by an ace automotive tech and professional technical writer.



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