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Unless otherwise noted, the information on these pages pertains to the US version of the Acura Vigor. It may or may not apply to Canadian Acura Vigors or to Honda Vigors. This information was collected and compiled from members' responses to frequently asked questions. While the information is true and correct to the best of our knowledge, we can not be responsible for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

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What are the differences between the LS and GS models?

What colors were available for the Vigor?

I want to buy a used Vigor. What should I look for?

What about the Inspire, CB5, and CC2 models from Honda? Are they Vigors, too?

What information is contained in the Vigor's VIN?

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Regular Maintenance

How frequently should I get my car serviced?

Is it better to do my own oil changes, or should I take it to a dealership?

NOTE: This question started such a ruckus between the gearhead  Do-It-Yourselfers and all the regular folks that we decided to do a rigorous cost comparison, and all agreed to accept the results. (Wink. Wink.) Click the link for the definitive comparison of each approach, and a brilliant follow-on economic analysis by the esteemed economist/physicist/physician/philosopher/oenologist/car lover Dr. Michael S. Cheetham.

What's the correct idle speed and how do I adjust it?

What kinds of repair manuals are available for the Vigor? Haynes? Chilton?

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Common Problems

My radio display fades in and out. What’s wrong?

I didn't get the stereo anti-theft code from the previous owner. What can I do?

My car alarm goes off when I unlock the door. Or (less commonly), the alarm won't "arm" itself when I lock the door. What’s wrong?

My front seat passengers can open their window, but they can't close it using their switch. The switch on the driver's door will close the passenger side window. What's wrong?

My "Check Engine" light came on. What's wrong?

My "ABS" light came on. What's wrong?

My car idles funny. What’s wrong?

Sometimes, after driving and then shutting the car off, it won't start. What's Wrong?

My heater blower is cutting out. What's wrong?

My struts sound like they creak when it is cold out. What’s wrong?

My antenna makes a loud noise when it goes up or down. Sometimes it won’t go all the way down. What’s wrong?

Oil is leaking on my engine (from the distributor area). What should I do?

Oil is leaking from the driver's side of the engine. What's with that?

Are Vigors prone to rust in any particular areas?

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Where can I find after-market upgrades for my Vigor?

Where can I get clear corner lights?

Where can I get the one-piece headlights I see on Japanese models?

Where can I get an air intake for my Vigor?

I'd like to install a set of coilovers. Any advice?

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I noticed the Vigor intake manifold has two paths, controlled by a Bypass Control Valve. When the valve is open, the engine has more power. If I "fix" the valve so it stays open all the time, will I get more power?

If I remove the air baffle, so the engine gets more air, how much more power can I expect?

What kind of performance improvement can I expect with platinum-tipped plugs?

How about Iridium, Split Fire, and +4 plugs?

What are the advantages of cross drilled and/or slotted rotors?

Can I compute Horsepower from timed track results?


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