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Our Membership—Who We Are

We have over 3,000 members from all over the world. Our meeting place, the Clubhouse, is at the Yahoo! Acura Vigor and Legend Club site. Even though the club has "Legend" in the name and some Legend owners are among our most valued members, it's virtually all Vigor owners. For a complete list of club members, click here.

Irene Hu

Irene Hu, changing her Vigor's transmission and differential fluids

Our membership comprises teenagers and "old duffers," plus everything in between—students and educators, business owners and professionals, technical people from all disciplines, ex-drug dealers, nerds and geeks, males and females, from all walks of life. We even have a "rocket scientist" and a medical doctor among us! Some of our members do all their own maintenance and others wouldn't even think of lifting the hood. The one thing that brings us all together is... you guessed it! Our enthusiasm for the Vigor!

The Clubhouse

There's something going on at the Clubhouse all the time. First, there's the continuous Q & A. This is an active club. A typical day has thirty to forty posts—that's somewhere around one posting every half-hour to an hour! Post a message and you'll get a prompt response. Here are some of the people you'll meet there...

The Petpad Awards

A bit of cub history: One day, Paul (Petpad2) decided that, if Bob Guccionne can have a Penthouse Pet of the Month, then we can certainly have a Petpad Pet of the Month (POM). So every month, Paul would decide upon and announce the new month's POM winner with all the pomp and grandeur appropriate to such an occasion. Later, Paul started feeling more democratic, and a group of all the past POM winners would decide each month's new POM. The award was based on the member's car, the member's contribution to the club, or whatever else struck the group's fancy. If you were a young lady with a nice pair of legs, that would probably have gotten you pretty far, too. A picture of the current POM's Vig graced the Clubhouse home page. In addition, each month's POM got... well, actually, that's all he got.

Click here to meet this month's POM and see a list of all the past winners. Their pics are in the Petpad Pet of the Month Album at the Clubhouse.

There was also the club's most coveted award, the Petpad Pet of the Year. This annual award went to a member whose dedication to the club and to the car merited this highest honor. These are the club's heavyweights! The members who make our club what it is. Meet...

The 2005 Petpad Pet of the Year

The 2004 Petpad Pet of the Year

The 2003 Petpad Pet of the Year

The 2002 Petpad Pet of the Year

First Annual Petpad Pet of the Year


Our resident "gearheads" are Heimonator, Docsteen1, Steven, Juilfs, and Bob01721, although many others jump in with good technical information, including DLWood, Dieselrulz, and Texan_176, our Club Founder and Clubhouse administrator. Tex is the one who started it all! Biker Bil (AKA Rubonatwinkie) is another gearhead contributor. Ask him about his moniker sometime. And we're still waiting to find out what happened to the other L in his name.

Oh... can't forget Shawn (Vigorous703). That's his sister (above photo) working on her Vig using Bob01721's Persian Red Pearl jackstands. So it's no surprise that Shawn's a gearhead too. It must run in the family. He's ownedat last countfive (count 'em... five) Vigs! That's gotta be some kind of a record.

Dave_C_20853 and Leon, (AKA On_the_1_2_and_three) are two prominent members who own Legends. Check out Leon's Legendary Legendz CC website.

Another important club resource is Buckinghamblue—a jack-of-all-trades with lots of Acura and Honda knowledge. The Tominizer was our car audio whiz (among many other things). Check out the Vigor website he still maintains, House of Vigors. We also have Vigor5spd, a young hot shot, soon-to-be BSEE on his way to an MSEE, who's into audio and security systems.

And then there's Calvin (AKA Avciugroar92, AKA C76204720913524, and sometimes Domestikillerackvig92), another car audio buff. He's also into lighting—he modified his Vig so that (among many other things) he can control the fog and corner lights independently! Frax24 has the distinction of submitting the 10,000th post, a much celebrated club milestone. Much could be said of his Yahoo! Profile pic, too. But that's 'nuff said for here..

Tiggermike_2000 enjoys driving what, to him, is "the best automobile no longer manufactured, and have a good time doing it. Sometimes life can't get any better. Since we all have to drive, why not drive a car whose styling is still better looking that some of the other junk passed off as the latest in styling." Well said, Mike. Akiya is our Honda Vigor expert in Japan. His website, Nuthin' But a "V" Thang, is outstanding. Most of his mods are explained with instructional photos and illustrations.

Then, of course, there's Bobsealover (that's SEA-lover). He has a Vig named Vivien. There's really no way to describe him—instead, you just gotta love him. There's no other way. Now, for sheer class and style, we've got our very own bon vivant, Slimshady_21215. And NYCVig (I wonder where he's from?) is our grillmeister. He came up with a surprisingly simple and inexpensive way to make a tasteful and elegant mesh grill for your Vig that you just gotta see. His grills are beautiful. So are his clear corner lenses. Unfortunately, his Vig became a "parts bin" that was once owned by Vigorous703 (Ouch!) but he still stops by to share the Vigor Love! Then, there's CW (AKA Vigor_GS93), who drives a very rare Vineyard Gray Metallic Vig. How rare? Well... we call them Unicorns. And we can't forget our political radical, Ashton (Ash_b_95452). You've got to meet him! His acerbic, rapier wit is... awesome. He's a helluva gearhead, too—with an incredible grasp of the automotive basics—of physics. It's not hyperbole to say that his is an awesome intellect!  It's the kind that can take complex concepts, break them down, and explain them in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Ash, you're a helluva resource to this Club! Salut!

And Lastly, we've got something no other car club can boast about. We've got The Man. That's with a capital T and a capital MAN. He's The Man who drives. Today (2007) it's a Benz he's driving. But back in The Day he drove his Vig as surely as he drove this club. He's the one who gave our club its personality... its definition ...its raison d'ętre ...its very Life. The Legendary AckVig.

Member-Only Download Area

We have a collection of Acura Technical Service Bulletins which is available to our members. While we don't have every single Vigor TSB ever published by Acura, we do have a fair assortment.

We also have a factory Service Manual available to members—free of charge. And an A/T Service Manual!

Members can go to the Files section at the Clubhouse to retrieve the password.

Club Pics

We have a bunch of photo albums over at the Clubhouse, where you can see pics of all kinds of Vigs from stone-stock to totally outrageous. In fact, we had so many pics, we had to form a new club at Yahoo! (the Acura Vigor and Legend Pic Club) just to get more server space for the new pics. Come on over to the Clubhouse and check them out.).

NOTE: The Yahoo! Clubs® arrangement has the pics in a "members only" area. (That's not our idea!) If you'd like to become a member, you can join over at the Clubhouse. But even if you don't want to join, that's okay—come on in anyway and see what we're up to. You can still read the posts (over 75,000!) and learn a lot about your Vig.

Club Meets

1st Club Meet -- Toronto

So far, we've had three "major" club meets—one in Toronto, one in Washington, DC, and one in Seattle.

TORONTO—The first meet was in September 2000 at Fairview Acura in Kitchener, ON. The pic at right shows (from L- R) Bob01721, Paul (Petpad2,) Irene (Jlihu,) some guy named Rich who never did join the club (whatever happened to him?), The Tominizer, and Stef (Simpilot71). Tom and Stef arranged the meet.

Tominizer showed us how to remove Vigor stereos, while Stef cleaned the throttle body, set the idle speed, and checked the timing on everyone's car. He also did all the legwork setting up the meet with Fairview Acura, who gave us all a nice discount on genuine Honda/Acura parts. Thanks for all your work, Stef!

Afterward, we paraded our Vigors in a caravan along the highway as we raced drove to the restaurant. Later in the evening, Bob tried to hit on Charlene, our waitress, with his usual charm and risibility. Unfortunately, he also achieved his usual results. ("Hey! It was the language barrier. I was speaking English. She speaks... Canadian!") Yeah. Right!

There are many more pics in the Photos section at the Clubhouse.

WASHINGTON, DC—We had our second meet in Rockville, MD, right outside of Washington DC at Motor Works, Inc. in April 2001 (below). Some Legend owners joined us, too! Way too many small faces for my eyes to recognize all the names here, but the one on the far right, in the white shirt, is none other than the Legendary AckVig, an Acura Vigor Club icon and the winner of the First Annual Petpad Pet of the Year Award.

2nd Club Meet -- Washington, DC

In DC, Stef (Simpilot71), who flew in from Canada, did a repeat of his Toronto car checks. With summer coming soon, Bob 01721 checked cooling systems for pressure, coolant condition, and fan operation. NYCVigor showed everyone how to make a mesh grill that looks great, plus how to make clear corner lenses! Later that evening, he demonstrated his prowess in "Reverse" acceleration and braking performance. Those who witnessed his skillful display will attest: That dude can drive!

Bobsealover showed up with his beloved "LeSabre Type R," an interesting foil to all the Vigs and Legends. Dave (_C_20853) (fourth from the right) did all the coordination with Motor Works, who were good enough to provide an on-line, up to date list and printout of any Vigor TSB. Dave provided the burgers and hot dogs, too. And he doesn't even have a Vigor—he's a Legend owner! Wow! Thanks, Dave!

Other attendees included Dow23_6, Africanhaircare, RETUSAFMSG (a Retired U.S.A.F. Master Sergeant), and Kerekh, who drove all the way from Ohio that morning and then drove all the way back that night! Long day, eh?

Afterwards, the gang drove en caravan along the Capital Beltway to the restaurant while Bob and Slim took Stef to the airport. We understand that Bob—as of 2007—still hasn't paid that speeding ticket.(Ahem.) Later that night, Ack, Slim, and Bob helped close the restaurant.

You'll find a lot more pics in the Photos section of the Acura Vigor and Legend Pic Club, too.

3rd Club Meet -- Seattle

SEATTLE—The third meet was held in January 2002 at Houghton Park in Kirkland, just outside of Seattle, WA. From L to R at right, you'll see Buckinghamblue, Dieselrulz, Simpilot71, Godofthejungle, and Mojocracker. Of the five cars there, three were Buckingham Blue Vigs! 

Stef (Simpilot71) drove down from Canada. He is now the only club member to have attended all the meets! Wow! As our club's international roving tech, he also performed three Base Idle adjustments and an A/T shift linkage adjustment. "Have Wrench. Will Travel." Meanwhile everyone exchanged stories ranging from Vig related topics to politics.

There are more pics from the meet (which was arranged by Buck and Stef) in the Photos section of the Acura Vigor and Legend Pic Club.

2nd Seattle Meet

SEATTLE—Another Seattle "mini-meet" was held on March 14, 2004. The attendees were Dieselrulz, Matt (Godofthejungle), and Dailyjoltplu. Both Dieselrulz and Godofthejungle have '92 Buckingham Blue GS Vigs with JDM headlights, while Dailyjoltplu drives a 93 Grenada Black Pearl GS. Matt and Dieselrulz made the arrangements.

More pics from this meet are in the Photos section of the Seattle Vigsters Group. Check 'em out!

A few of us also get together from time to time, between meets, just to hang out and talk about Vigs. Coming soon to a parking lot near you!

The next meeting of the Acura Vigor Club? Who knows! We're always planning get-togethers. Stop by the Clubhouse and see what's on the agenda.

Club History

During the early evening of January 21, 1999, a young man named Texan_176 posted a Welcome message at his newly established Yahoo club, his first act as our Club Founder. It took seven months to get another member, but Tex's persistence paid off. Soon others trickled in. Then more. New members started contributing, and over the next few years, the club grew and evolved into what it is today. Click here for a look at the Club Milestones, those events which left their mark along the road—our club's history.

Et Cetera

As a car club, we do lots of other things, too. We do some things for fun and some things we take quite seriously. But the one thing we do most of all is... we share our love for the Acura Vigor.

Join us, and share the love.


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